6 great items for zero waste washing up

6 great items for zero waste washing up

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On the journey to zero-waste living, you need to review everything in your life.  This includes the washing up.


It may feel like washing up is a fairly zero-waste activity anyway, but you would be wrong.  There are lots of options when it comes to improving your dishwashing situation.


Below I have included some of my favourite zero waste washing up products.  There are lots more too, so have a look on the internet and choose your favourites.


Refillable washing up liquid

If you have a zero-waste shop near you, then it is worth enquiring as to whether they do washing up liquid too.  Lots of zero-waste shops have cleaning products on their list of items.


You can take along your own clean bottle and they will fill it up for you.  If you can’t access this service, then there are lots of places online that will do this to you door.  Send you bottle back when you are done and they’ll fill it up and send it back.

Bar dishwashing soap

Another lovely alternative is bar dishwashing soap.  For this, you grate the soap into your sink instead with a designated grater.


You don’t even need a glass bottle for this, so there is even less packaging to consider.  You can order them online from lots of zero waste stores.


Bamboo pot scrubbers

Scourers are made of plastic.  They are going to take hundreds of year to decompose and now think about how many of them you get through in a year.


Instead, you can swap these for bamboo and coconut husk pot scrubbers.  They are far more sustainable, do the same great job and when they wear out you can chuck them in your compost bin and they’ll be gone in a few months.


Reusable wipes

To go hand in hand with your pot scrubbers, I recommend getting some reusable wipes.  These are great for wiping down surfaces and dealing with lightly soiled plates and dishes.


You could even make your own from old clothes and towels and prevent them from going into landfill too.  Just use them and stick them in the washing machine when you are done.

Watering can

If we are going to think full zero waste, then why not reuse the dishwater too?  All you need is a watering can and you can use the leftover water for your plants.


Just scoop it out and let those gorgeous plants you’ve got around your home enjoy a drink.  They don’t mind if it is not straight out of the tap.


Dishwasher fluid

If washing up by hand is not your things, then you can get zero waste dishwasher products too.  Lots of the companies that do refillable washing up liquid also do dishwasher liquid and rinse aid.


You can order a glass bottle of the stuff online and aid it to the drawer in your dishwasher like normal.  Send it back for a refill when you are done.


Look for zero waste switches everywhere

If you can zero-waste your washing up, then you can zero-waste anything.  Take a look around your home and see where make some switches.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.


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