5 benefits of choosing cloth nappies

5 benefits of choosing cloth nappies

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We’ve been using cloth nappies for five years for two children.  If there is something to know about cloth nappies, then by now I know it.


Looking back nearly 6 years ago, I can’t remember what motivated me to look into them in the first place.


What I do know is that I love them now.  For lots of reasons, so I thought I would share all the reasons why I recommend them with you.

Save money

You can save a LOT of money when you use cloth nappies.  But they can also cost you a fortune if you are not careful.


We saved money by buying some of them secondhand and keeping the amount we had to a minimum.


If you get the right kit, you’ll never have to buy nappies again.  Your only costs will be washing them and there are all sorts of ways you can save money there too.


Less waste

One of my favourite things about using cloth nappies is that they are the perfect zero waste solution to disposable nappies.


You don’t need to throw any part of the nappy away.  You just wash and resuse them over and over.  If you complement them with reusable wipes and avoid the liners, then dealing with your kid’s excretions should be completely zero waste.


Soft on your baby

As soon as you touch a cloth nappy, you realise that they are going to be so much comfier for your baby’s bum that the paper disposable variety.


Plus they are so padded that when it comes to sitting up time, they get a soft seat to protect their rear.


The liners are the softest thing ever, second only to your baby’s skin.  Trust me when I say you’ll be Googling to see if they make them in your size.


Never run out of nappies

When my eldest was one year old, we got stuck in a traffic jam so big that we had to stay in a nearby hotel for the night.


Luckily for us, we had our cloth nappies with us.  We had enough to last the evening but knew we would need more for the morning, so I washed one out in the bath and dried it on the radiator overnight.  By the morning, we had fresh nappies ready to go.

Cute little prints

If none of the rest of this list has convinced you to make the switch, then this last one might.  The prints that these nappies come in are adorable.


My children spent most of their early years half naked just so that I could see their gorgeous legs poking out the bottom of a cloth nappy.


You can get prints for all seasons too.  We had some Christmas and Halloween ones that we wiped out every year.  Seriously cute.


What is stopping you from making the switch?

Is there anything that is holding you back?  Let me know in the comments below and I will get back you.

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