5 items for zero waste travel

5 items for zero waste travel

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Travelling is one of life’s great joys.  There are so many places in the world to visit that enrich our lives by seeing them.


But conscious travel takes a bit more work, but it can still be done.  When we went travelling we took as many items as we felt necessary to limit our impact on the planet.


Here are my recommendations.  They helped us to reduce our waste and were handy products to have anyway.

Shampoo bars

We travelled with hand luggage only.  This meant that we were able to keep our carbon footprint on flights to a minimum.  But it also meant that we had restrictions on liquids.


Taking bar forms of cosmetics allowed us to carry these items through security easily.  Shampoo is an obvious example.


Rather than buying bottles of shampoo at each destination, we took shampoo and conditioner bars with us.  A lovely zero-waste travel solution.


Reusable shopping bag

We had lots of poppoing to shops and markets on our trip and we didn’t want to use plastic bags each time.  Plus, most other countries around the world are better at this than the UK.


Therefore, taking a couple of fabric shopping and produce bags with us was really helpful and meant that we limit the waste from these plastic bags.


Water bottle

Our water bottles were the ultimate must have on our trip.  With drinkable tap water a rarity in most of the world, we found it better and less wasteful to buy larger bottles and fill up before we left home.


In some accommodation and airports, they had filtered water available which meant that we didn’t even have to worry about buying bottles at all.


They were perfect on travel days too, as we could leave our bottle empty until we were through security and then fill up on the other side.

Travel cosmetic bottles

Again to deal with the restriction on liquid, we found taking a few reusable travel bottle with us really helpful.


We used these for things like sun cream which we bought in larger tubs and then disrupted into these reusable bottles.


It meant far less plastic waste and far less waste in general as we were able to use up the products we had before moving on to the next country.

Face wipes

After a long day in a hot country, there is nothing better than refreshing face wipe to clear away make up and sweat.  But we found that a couple of flannels were far better than a packet of wipes.


We were able to use these for all sorts of things and found that being able to change the temperature a delight.


What items are in your zero waste travel kit?

What items do you take with you on holiday?  Are any of them zero waste?  Let me know if you have any fabulous products that make travelling with kids more eco-friendly.

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